Hoosier Lord and Saviour?

OK, I admit it, I’ve been getting a bit behind in this.  I started on one entry and then an excellent sermon from my pastor forced me to put that first entry aside and start a second one on a topic that he preached upon and that I had planned to write an entry on anyways (just decided to move it up as a kind of “response” to his now almost two week old sermon) – and of course now when I log in I can’t find the draft copies of those two.  Sigh, such is the life of a blogger I guess.

But I did want to write a quick entry today based on current events, I’ve told myself I’m not going to worry about word count or anything on this one, but just get a quick entry out based on current events.

The current event is probably the one you’d expect when relating to the subject matter of this blog, that is the “Religious Freedom Act” recently signed in Indiana.  Having a lot of progressive friends (Christian and otherwise) this has come to my attention in spades, I can’t throw a cat meme around the blogosphere without running into another progressive outlook on this issue.

But I don’t want to say too much about it myself.  One reason being that the times that I do try to say things myself I get bogged down in nuances of what to say, and therefore my entries get delayed and delayed.  But, you’re coming here to see progressive responses to current affairs issues and boy howdy, this is custom made for it; I’m sure the world is sitting wondering what the Friendly Neighbourhood Progressive Christian has to say.  Well, some are.  Well, I’m pretty sure I have at least three readers judging from my WordPress stats.  And I’m sure at least one is wondering my thoughts.  Or maybe concerned about their NCAA March Madness bracket, I’m terrible at reading minds.  Anyways, what I instead will say is to point you to the blogosphere, I’ve been quite proud of my fellow progressives posting on this.

For example, I just came across this article earlier today.  You can use Google (or Bing if you’re a real weirdo) to see some other progressives’ take on it, but most of the ones I’ve come across have the same message:  show love – to those who are affected by this, or could be affected by this, or perceive that they could be affected by this.  This is simply the progressive’s mantra, love no matter who they are.

I hope to see this from all Christians, whether they consider themselves “progressive” or not, because I think that’s the main issue here is that different people claim to speak categorically on what God has to say, and this, of course, gives non-Christians ample opportunity to point out that our message is so inconsistent yet we all claim to be singing from the same hymn book.  There is a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln “a house divided cannot stand”, and the Christian church is so divided lately, some of us feel we *have* to publicly show how much of a Christian we are by vociferously speaking out against others, whereas progressives are sitting and quietly helping them.  So, with some persecuting, and some helping, those oppressed (even if they aren’t oppressed) by this bill, we need to come together.  Let’s not make this about us, our need to “show off” to God and come together and help those who are persecuted.  This is what Jesus would have done.


Well, this article came in at my usual word count, and only took about half an hour to write!  Please mind the rambling nature of it, but hopefully this one little progressive’s view is heard, you can rest easy.  Now, hopefully, I can get to work on those articles that had their drafts disappear soon, this blogging this is easy once you put your mind to it!

One thought on “Hoosier Lord and Saviour?”

  1. And again, I find an article that says this much better than I could. Specifically this one: http://natepyle.com/outrage-over-rfra-is-about-christians/#sthash.tnMDcfAE.Rs3UVKt5.dpbs . The messages that it gives are a) people are afraid that passing religious liberty bills will give Christians carte blanche to discriminiate against LGBTQ (and I don’t blame them!) and b) the example of Jesus is to treat people like human beings even if He disagreed with their lifestyle. In so many words, that’s pretty much what we are to do.

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