I now pronounce you Adam and Steve

Oh, Conservative Christians.  If anything you’ll make sure I’m a bit more committed to this blogging idea.

Welcome to another episode of The Friendly Neighbourhood Progressive Christian reacts to the news (a bit belatedly, because this is not about the news story you might think it is about), and thus I don’t really care about my word count.  Plus it’s taking time away from the four or so other ideas for blog posts I have that I’ve been procrastinating enough on – please subscribe, though, I’ll have them up someday!

Recently, the US Supreme Court has started hearing on whether to allow same-sex marriage in the country, and conservatives are absolutely losing it like this is the worst thing that can happen.  Not the millions of poor going hungry, not rampant dishonesty in the government, not the adultery, cheating, and injustice that permeate the system, but preventing marriage between two consenting adults that are in love with each other.  They will defend the right of two people who do not love each other at all to get married, merely because they are of the opposite sex.  I truly wonder what they stand for and, whenever cases like this come about, whether they are doing this just so that they can show that they are a “good Christian” to … who exactly?  God?  God doesn’t want us to “prove” to him that we are following him.  To other Christians?  They shouldn’t be our focus in our actions.  They come up with all sorts of excuses why this shouldn’t happen:  marriage is meant for procreation (although sterilized and post-menopausal heterosexuals can marry), marriage is a Biblical right and homosexuality is condemned in the Bible (leaving aside the discussion on whether or not the Bible does condemn it or not (I’ve heard very compelling arguments from Biblical scholars coming down on both sides, so I won’t get into that here), we also allow people from other religions and no religion to marry.  You can be actively and vocally against God and marry – as long as you are heterosexual), or that homosexuals don’t really want to get married, it is just pushed upon us by a small liberal section of homosexuals – I’m sure there are gay people who don’t want to marry at all, but this is not the point.  The point is, as Christians, we are called to love others.  And loving others means given them the same rights we have.  They deserve the right to be as miserable as the rest of us married folk.  (I’m kidding honey, you know I love you!)

Some people just don't listen
Some people just don’t listen

Letting gay people marry doesn’t take away from us, nor does it affect us.  We will go on marrying like we always have.  But, as I have pointed out before, we let people from other religions and no religions marry, why should we not extend it to them?  I haven’t seen an argument from conservatives yet that covers why atheists can get married and not people of the same sex.  We are withholding love from them, and we are using our own selfish excuses to do so.  Jesus always got in trouble for treating those who weren’t the paragon of religiosity as equals.  Jesus didn’t always approve of what these people did all the time (for example, his parting words to the adulteress in John 8 was “sin no more”) but treating them badly for their sins, even when Scriptures commanded it (John 8:5) was worse.  If you believe homosexuality is a sin, that is fine, I can’t find fault with you if your belief comes from Scripture.  But saying that they deserve inequal treatment and other sinners such as adulterers and liars and cheaters get the same treatment as you do when it comes to marriage?  That’s where Jesus has a problem.  We are to show love, period.  Don’t make me have to say it again.


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