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We're renovating to serve you better
We’re renovating to serve you better
Hi! Just giving a quick note here to say that I haven’t gone all “Hollywood” and forgotten about the blog after presenting the sermon mentioned in the most recent post. I’ve been busy, but I have been doing a few things that you, as a fan of this blog might be interested in.

First, and in my opinion, the most important change I’ve done to this blog is that I’ve created a Facebook page for it. Now, in between looking at cat memes and crushing candy (or whatever it is Facebook is used for), you can also visit the Facebook site for this blog, found on the link above or on the Facebook logo link on the left hand menu. Not only will I be announcing when new posts are published, but also a new interesting feature will be put up there. Often times, in my research for blog posts, or just browsing my progressive friends’ Facebook feeds, I will come across a great article that, as usual, expresses my thoughts and opinions much more clearly than I can. I file them away in a folder on the computer and try to incorporate them in articles when I can, but sometimes either there isn’t enough to make an article out of, or it just doesn’t make the article. Now, on Facebook, I will be linking to these articles when I come across them, as well as a little commentary on them of my own. Articles that I come across that speak to a topic I’ve already written on can appear here too. Consider these “mini-posts”, and only available on the FNPC Facebook page.If you “Like” the page, you’ll be updated when anything gets put up on there. (I also hope you’re “Subscribed” to this blog too, there’s a link on the left to do that.)

The second change that’s come about is a consequence of the first. When setting up the Facebook page, I had to pick a picture for the site avatar. It was a good excuse to unveil a logo I’d been thinking of for a while, that illustrates the four words of the blog’s title, and the focus in general. Simple, to the point, almost too simplistic, and not everyone likes it. Just like this site. 🙂 I’ve modified the About page a bit to incorporate the meaning behind the icons in the site logo, so take a look there if you wish.

So, that’s my little update. I fully intend to be publishing something by the end of this long weekend. (Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving), I’ve been working on an article about money and the church since June, but the recent news about Donald Trump also demands an article, and I could probably get enough words to get that up in a few days as well. Stay tuned to see which makes the cut first (and if it’s the former, the latter I hope to publish before Election Day in the US, but if not, the first article is still close to being ready to go, and could go up soon as well.) Thank you for reading the blog, and being a fan of progressive Christianity.

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