If you want to read better-written blogs from a progressive viewpoint, well you’ve come to the right place.  Here are some of my favourites:

The Unexpected Pastor was one of my inspirations for this blog.  A friend of mine from the trivia community, he is a pastor who was a former atheist.  While his blog focus is a bit more broad than mine, sometimes writing about things that don’t have to do with religion, his background makes this blog a very interesting read.  The posts on this page are a particularly good read imho.

Abundant Life Baptist Church is the church I attend.  While the church (and its blog) isn’t quite as progressive as this blog is, the overall tone is very good and several sections of several posts remind me that conservative Christians and progressive Christians do have a lot in common, we just have to focus on what binds us together instead of what tears us apart.

Even the Dogs Another favourite progressive pastor of mine has a blog that also talks about issues of the day in a progressive format, and in a much better way than I can. He also has a Twitter @RevDaniel that I subscribe to and you should too!

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